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The LiveScan is a machine used to perform inkless electronic fingerprinting. We use this process to perform  what’s known as a Level 2 background check. If you have been asked to provide a  LiveScan for your employer, you are probably being considered for a position of trust or responsibility. The Level 2 is a more comprehensive background screen which includes a national fingerprint database search.

The name “Level 2” is used to differentiate the methods used and the extent of the data searched from a traditional Level 1 background search.

A Level 2 check applies to employees designated by law as holding positions of responsibility or trust. Per Florida Statute Section 435.04 

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Level 2 background check includes the following:

Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s national record checks are based on the submission of fingerprints.

Sunshine Research is authorized to fingerprint via LiveScan fingerprinting the following State of Florida and Federal Agencies’ applicants as follows:

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If you are interested in booking a LiveScan appointment, you must have an ORI number and a request form from your employer. We will schedule a time to meet that is convenient to you.

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